Add games, run terminals or
anything in between


All languages, currencies and products run on a single multi-tenant installation – save time and reduce costs!


All configuration and management can be done by the operator – break free from rigid legacy providers!

Proven Reliability

Performant and highly reliable. All updates are seamless and require no downtime.

+Play (B2B)

Add our games onto your existing platform using Habanero +Play.

API: Our API supports various types of integration, including seamless or transfer wallets and the option to integrate using your own format. Servers and CDN’s in multiple locations worldwide ensure performance and reduced latency.

Bonusing: Support for Free Spin and cash bonuses inside the Habanero environment with deep integration options. Bonus play is automatically excluded from royalty calculations.

Jackpots: Individual brands can run their own internal Jackpots on any slot game while aggregators have the option to configure a wide area Jackpot over all of their brands.

Licensing: Two options are available – a single licence for businesses running their own operations, or a master licence for aggregators offering content to multiple operators.

Easy Aggregation: A “Clone Brand Option” allows for easy aggregator-controlled set up of new brands, taking away all manual and repetitive configurations that would normally be done by the software provider. This option allows aggregators to launch brands quickly.

Quick: The entire set up can be done in a matter of minutes.


A simple ticket-in, ticket-out Kiosk and Point of Sale system.

Event Games: Time-based games targeting land-based betting outlets, casinos or bingo halls. Bets are placed at a Point of Sale terminal, while games are displayed on in-store screens and run at set intervals.

Flexible business model: Configure locations for cash-based operation or pre-paid credit control system. Allocate a royalty rate to certain locations for outsourcing to third party agents.

Multiple Locations: For operators that have multiple shops, the “Clone Location Option” allows for easy set up of new locations.

Player Management: Lock players to a location or share players across all locations, with the option for customers to play from home or anywhere outside a location.

Cost Saving: TerminalPlay is completely web-based and can be installed on any PC, using Windows or Linux. Perfect for operators that want to avoid the huge costs of land-based equipment.

Quick: The entire set up can be done in a matter of hours

Aggregation Partners

Opus Gaming
Softec Digital
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